The Bynars “The Bynars”, 2011

The Bynars was my synthpop band from 2008-2014. Our first album was self-titled and I had a lot of fun designing this artwork for the CD release and the singles. I was (and still am) really interested in vintage photos of women on the phone. If you look, there’s a lot out of them there! I just found it kind of strange and fascinating to see all these photos and advertisements… like, what does it all mean!? For some reason, the imagery felt akin to our music. There was a longing there, some vintage appreciation, and of course – music is all about communication – so I guess ladies looking longingly into the distance on the phone makes perfect sense. Whatever the reason, I’m really pleased with how this art came out and how it all worked together. It was a really fun design project that set up the branding/identity for all our future merchandise, web presence, and album design as well.

Listen to the album here: