Many Mini Marcias, 2015

Matt Jatkola
“Many Mini Marcias”
Silkscreen on fabric
12.5 x 10”

This project came about because I had planned 2 large public murals during the summer of 2014, which did not come to fruition. Those murals were all about creating very large, repetitive images of Marcia Brady in an attempt to spotlight Marcia as the icon of beauty, perfection, and narcissism that our collective inner-Jan wills her to be. I decided to do this smaller version when the opportunity came to donate a piece of art to Arsenal Center for the Arts’ bi-annual fundraiser exhibition Flash Art.

This mini version was a lot of fun to create, and much more manageable than the large scale mural… (although I would still love to do a large mural of this). First, I screen captured 3 images of Marcia Brady from the iconic “blue grid” opening sequence of The Brady Bunch – one looking to the right, one looking down, and one looking straight ahead. I configured them so Marcia was always looking at herself, or at the viewer (because after all, you are Marcia too). I then silk screened the images on different types of fabric. My main goal was to create one set on the classic Brady Bunch blue, but I also printed some alternate versions on different colors and patterns.

The results are these groupings of Marcia Brady portraits, which I call “Many Mini Marcias.” There were 9 sets made – 3 on Brady Bunch blue, 2 on cerulean blue, 1 on pink swirl, 1 on red flower print, and 2 on stripes/scrap. The individual panels are about 4” x 3.25” and each set is about 12.5” x 10” when installed.