Anamorphic Ice Cream, 2016

Matt Jatkola & Aneleise Ruggles
“Anamorphic Ice Cream”
Site-specific Installation on Stairs (Gaffer’s Tape on Carpet)

Another installation I did with Aneleise Ruggles. Once we did Anamorphic Light Bulb in one color, our next goal was to do something with multiple colors. We also wanted it to be fun and kid-friendly, as the summer at the Mosesian Center for the Arts is pretty much filled with children taking art and theatre classes. The idea of the ice cream was born. It went through a few incarnations until we realized it would be most fun upside down, cones up, as though someone dropped them and they were melting down the stairs. The ice cream was drawn in Adobe Illustrator, projected, and then outlined on the carpet with tape and filled in. Five colors were used: brown, orange, blue, yellow, and pink. As you shift perspective, the illustration morphs into a more abstract drawing, and we like that it all appears to be melting no matter the vantage point.

This installation was sponsored by Bart’s Homemade.

Here is a time lapse video of the installation: