Anamorphic M, 2016

Matt Jatkola & Aneleise Ruggles
“Anamorphic M”
Site-specific Installation on Stairs (Gaffer’s Tape on Carpet)

For our third anamorphic installation, Aneleise Ruggles and I were commissioned by the newly renamed and rebranded Mosesian Center for the Arts to create an anamorphic version of their new logo on the stairs. This would be a four color piece – red, yellow, green, and blue. Since the design was already masterminded by an outside designer, Stoltze Design, we were free to have fun installing. The logo was projected on the stairs, we outlined it in gaffer’s tape, and then filled in with more gaffer’s tape. We purposely made the “ideal” vantage point just inside the front door. This way, it was the perfect way to introduce patrons to the center’s new logo and identity.