Bloody Henry Film Score, 2016

I composed, performed, and recorded all the music for a short film called Bloody Henry, by Jean-Paul DiSciscio/Overdue Films, which premiered at Independent Film Festival Boston in April 2016. Since then, it’s been making the rounds at festivals, and the film will soon get a digital release. In anticipation I’m sharing the “Bloody Henry Original Score & Soundtrack” featuring 17 tracks featured in the film (13 of which are my original score). The album is available to stream & purchase via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. The best way to listen is via my Spotify playlist, which includes the full score + soundtrack track list as I feel you should hear it.

This is my first ever film score and it was such a fulfilling project to work on. While I never intended for these tracks to be heard as “an album” outside the context of the film, I’m pleased with how they now work together – almost like we knew what we were doing! Below you can view the film in its entirety: