Bloody Henry, 2016

I composed, performed, and recorded all the music for a short film called Bloody Henry, which premiered at Independent Film Festival Boston in April 2016. Though I’d done music for TV and web commercials before, I’d never attempted a film score. This was a horror film with a real artistic bent. I was glad to have the opportunity. I brainstormed for months with director Jean-Paul DiSciscio (Overdue Films) about the musical direction for the film. I started generating ideas at my home studio and would go over to JP’s house every couple weeks to test how they “felt” alongside the footage he was editing. The ideas that seems to work, I would develop into longer pieces, different variations, and some eventually became full on recurring musical themes. My first instrument is guitar and there is a bit of that in this film, but I mostly utilized synthesizers, sound samples, and even a Russian lap harp, which provided the main instrumentation for multiple themes in the film. The result was a true artistic collaboration and a beautiful 26-minute horror short that I’m really proud to be a part of.

The film is currently making the rounds at festivals. Below is a short teaser:

Bloody Henry teaser. from Overdue Films on Vimeo.