FBGM “Dog Collar / Fan” Vinyl Record, 2017

FBGM is my band – a songwriting duo with my friend D. Orxata. I’ve wanted to release music on vinyl since I first started playing in bands in high school but for one reason or another I just never could make it happen… until now!

In terms of the artwork, I designed it. The flower pattern is inspired by an old wallpaper print I found and had been playing around with. I redrew everything from a scan and manipulated it in Adobe Illustrator to get the right color combinations and composition. We then handed it off to hexhand who did a beautiful job riso printing the covers. We pressed a very limited run of 100 copies and cut, hand-folded, hand-numbered, and assembled every jacket. As a musician and a designer, I’m very proud of this project.

We are 100% independent and completely self-funded. This means we wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed each song ourselves. We spent months working on them. One of the fondest memories I have is recording D’s vocals for “Fan” in our rehearsal space very late on Christmas Eve 2016. It felt good to be working on music when we knew everyone was asleep dreaming of Santa…

Here’s a link to purchase a physical copy and listen to the songs: